Time Alchemy: How to Turn 2 Weeks into 2 Months

Make Life Awesome by Finding Your Tribe

Originally published June 2017.

So, I’m two weeks into a year long adventure, and I wanted to fill you in on my big initial take-aways:

  1. Filling your day with novel experiences makes time last FOREVERRRR.
  2. The people you do those novel experiences with can uplift the experience’s awesome factor by like 100x.

But lets back up.

Being notoriously bad at celebrating my own wins, you may be unfamiliar with this whole situation. 3–4 months ago I was accepted onto a year long travel / work program called Remote Year.

Basically, 50–75 dope as fuck people (plus me) get together for a year, change the city they live in each month and work from their laptops.

Month 1: Split, Croatia.

Month 2: Budapest, Hungary.

Month 3: Lisbon, Portugal.

Month 4: Hanoi, Vietnam.

Month 5: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Month 6: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Month 7: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Month 8: Córdoba, Argentina.

Month 9: Lima, Peru.

Month 10: Bogotá, Colombia.

Month 11: Medellín, Colombia.

Month 12: Mexico City, Mexico.

Month 13+: Exploring the US, Burning Man, Canada?

I know, sounds awesome hey 😉

So my big takeaways, let’s get into those!

Time Alchemy

He’s a surface look at just some of the fun I’ve been having since starting this adventure. It’s about as brief as I could make it, but you should get the idea.

Fill your life with this much stuff and you really will feel like some sort of time wizard.

It’s bizarre.

I started on this program just over two weeks ago, and it already feels like I’ve been here for two months. Here’s a glimpse of the chaos that is my life on Remote Year.

Before turning up, Eddie, one of my flatmates to be does a Cribs video for our penthouse suite:

Yep, pretty dope!

I’m now somewhat excited. (I’ve since been told that everyone gets a nice place at some point, so I’m sure I’ll be in crack dens for the rest of the trip).


I board my flight. There is no row 13. I’m in row 14, so actually row 13. Bad luck doesn’t count if they don’t use the number, right?

I arrive at Split Airport late Monday night — 9pm(ish), Uber to my house, realize my SIM doesn’t give me Internet.

Wonder around in the dark for 40 minutes. Consider how sleeping rough my first night may not be fun.

Find my co-working space — meet Vicky and Gorka — don’t know what their job titles are, but they’re basically our Remote year Mums.

They’re awesome.

Meet Laura and Kim, my other two flatmates.

They’re awesome.

Want to party. Can’t get hold of anyone. Eat fast food. Sleep.


Get up bright and early. Inhale all the espresso and get to work in WiP, our coworking space located conveniently below “the penthouse”.

Meet about 10 more awesome people. Manage 3–4 hours of work before being distracted by all the fun.

Go check out a tattoo place. Disappointed to hear that my shit tribal tattoo can’t be covered up 😑

Find a gym. Work out with Matheus with no A/C. He’s awesome. The gym is not.

Swim in the Adriatic. People say the sea is freezing. The British sea is freezing, this is not.

Start drinking. Meet more awesome people. Sleep.


Inhale all the espresso. Put in another 3–4 hour work session.

Get distracted by awesome people. Buy wine. Drink wine. Realize wine comes in bigger bottles here.

Notice the wine bottle’s so large I need two hands to wield it.

20 of us go to a salsa bar. Drink more wine. Have a phone call with Sam my good friend from home for ages. Get the feelz.

Realize no one can salsa. Give zero fucks and get everyone to invade the dance floor with whatever questionable moves we’ve got.

Everyone goes home. I’m excited (from too much wine), and perform some sort of spinning hug / wrestling move combo on Andrea.

We fall over, laughing, but also both bleeding a bit.. I vow to get to know people better before hugssulting anyone else. Sleep.


Jump out of bed. Go to WiP. Work for 30 minutes before realizing I drank too much wine. Die in bed all day.

Wake up at 6pm. Get distracted by awesome people. Go for sushi in the old town and out for drinks at Sanctuary, a bar full of tourists. As the only Brit on the trip, get embarrassed by groups of drunk and loud Brits.

Discover that Pino and I have the same favorite whiskey.

Mind is blown.


Worried smiles when the complimentary shots are described as “petrol” by the waiter.


Jump out of bed (at midday). Espresso. Work, work, work (for a few hours). Gym. Go to old town where everyone gives a 30 second presentation.

Everyone is awesome.

We head to Sanctuary. Still full of tourists.

Pino and Kiwi leave early but get distracted on the way home by ravey flashing lights. Whatsapp us a video of them dancing at an empty rave.

I round up the troops and we head to said rave, dance it up and it fills up just a little…

Stay up til 5am. Sleep.


Decide to recover in bed all day. Get distracted by awesome people. Go to some sort of group orientation meeting.

Travis explains level 3 fun via a story of someone getting hit by a car. It doesn’t sound that fun.

We write a song.

We go to the beach. Everyone gets crunky monkey. I’m hungover and my brain doesn’t work. I do a colouring book with Amelia. She’s awesome, and adorable.

I nap and get ready for yet more fun.

Everyone heads to old town. Everyone wants to party together but no one can decide what to do so groups of 5 or so continue to break off.

A group of us go to Bokerhia, a fancy ass Italian restaurant. We buy ALL THE FOOD — fillet steaks, truffle pasta, meat and cheese boards, fancy burgers.

I have a mouthgasm.



Up early. Espresso. We head to Krka national park. Jake drives.

He’s awesome, but also the most hungover I’ve ever seen anyone, ever.

Half way there he literally melts Ark of the Covenant style. It’s hilarious (I suspect not for him).

We turn up at Krka. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

I experience ecstasy. I’m short of breath, my stomach is tingling. I become awful company as I wonder through the forests and waterfalls, listening to the birds and feeling amazing.

Everyone stops to swim in the main waterfall. I do a little meditation with Taryn.

She’s awesome.

We hike back up to the cars and drive to Zadar, another cute port town.

A group of us grab food (it’s Italian, it’s always Italian). We then go to the sea organ, a giant musical instrument that makes sounds based on the sea’s waves flowing in and out of it. My nerd brain gets a boner.

We jump off the pier into the water a few times.

The distance on that dive 💪

An Ozzy girl chats me up. I’m too busy being distracted by another beautiful girl. I tell Taryn I’m worried about speaking to her in case she’s got an Italian, Spanish or French accent and I lose my shit.

I talk to her.

She’s from France.

I lose my shit.

We grab food and drive back to Split. Eddie falls asleep in the front of the car and then is jolted awake by Taryn turning a tight corner. He freaks and tries to kill us all by grabbing the steering wheel.

It’s hilarious.



Espresso. Work, work, gym, work — actually got a decent day in.

Go for dinner with Lauren, Flick, Eddie, Amelia, Dina and Dario.

Take the piss out of Amelia’s margarita pizza for being vastly inadequate in comparison to my four cheese pizza. Turns out she has my pizza😑

Everyone gets fucked up and starts chatting nonsense to each other.

It’s very amusing.



Start my day with a mindset coaching call with Emily.

We try to work out all the ways I’m fucked up. It’s fun.

Get loads of work done.

Explore old town in the evening. End up in Sanctuary, with the tourists, again.



Espresso. Work, work, gym, work.

It’s Matheus’ birthday. He and Ariela teach us some Spanish. We drink wine.

Tamara cooks 10 of us an amazing roast dinner. It’s the shit.

Each of us gives a toast. I get the feelz. We drink more wine.

We go to the salsa bar again. A lovely waitress greets me with “Hello drunky, no alcohol for you”, after last week’s salsa antics.

We drink more wine.

Matheus and Ariela try to teach me Spanish pick up lines that are way too long. I ace it like a native.


We overtake the dance floor with questionable moves, again. Sleep.


Today was meant to be my “me day”. I do a couple of hours of work, nap, because hungover, and then chill on the beach and read through some of my personal log / diary.

A mindset coaching action point for me is to appreciate where I’m at and how far I’ve come. So I read through my diary to see how shitty I was feeling 12–18 months ago. Good fun.

Chill with Amelia in the evening, watching videos of animals doing dumb shit.

Have a few beers and go to meet previously mentioned lovely waitress when she finishes work. We go skinny dipping under the full moon.

This is fun.



Espresso. Work. We go to a homeless dog shelter and get attacked by puppies for an hour.

It’s pretty much the best hour anyone in history has ever had.

Snapping those Tinder pics

Work. Work.

Everyone’s goes to do some cliff jumping. I decide to jump from the biggest one seconds after turning up, before my brain can tell me how dumb it is to do so.

Jump off a 4 story tall cliff into the sea.

It’s tall enough, that you’re falling for long enough, that you realize how scary it is about a second before hitting the water.

This is fucking terrifying. Also pretty exhilarating.

Kyle start’s recording jumps with his drone.

The last thing I want to do is jump off that fucking cliff again. I do it anyway.

This time my feet aren’t as close together. I jump on my balls.

This hurts.

A group of us go the beach bar an Travis leads a workout. It breaks me.

I head into old town, grab a beer, and do some work for a few hours by myself.

Everyone else heads into old town to meet at, you guessed it, Sanctuary, with the tourists!

We drink there for a bit and then party the night away.

I go to sleep at 4am, to get up at 7am for a boat trip around some beautiful, near by islands.


7am, I wake up for the boat trip. I try to move. I can’t. Sleep.

Sleep, sleep sleep sleep. 7pm I wake up.

Good day.

These events may or may not have happened in this order. I don’t know. It’s all very chaotic.

So if you feel like life is racing by, consider doing all the fun stuff with loads of crazy people. Though I understand that may be easier said than done / sustained!

Speaking of crazy people, this brings me on to the next point!

Finding Your Tribe

This is something I’m really big on, and it’s something I’ll give a full post to at some point soon. I really can’t describe how awesome it feels to “find your people”.

I’ve done it several times before — finding entrepreneurs at University by running a society, finding more through the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, a year long training course I did after University, and finding entrepreneur / travel friends through a 3 week 30 person business development trip to India.

It feel fucking amazing, because you can just be you.

There’s this whole layer of information that you likely keep away from a lot of people in your life.

Your hobbies, passions, ambitions, whatever you’re a nerd about

My favorite place to be.

You withhold it because they’re just not interested and/or they don’t “get it”.

What I’ve realized after several years of surrounding myself with more and more of “my people”, is that this takes a hell of a lot of mental energy.

It’s so freeing just to chill the fuck out, be yourself and chat to the people around you about whatever nerdy shit is obsessing you, and have them get it and be genuinely interested.

Anyone could travel to any of the cities I’m visiting, and do the same things I do.

But what’s much more difficult, is to do that with 50 people that are on your wavelength.

That’s whats so special about this adventure.

That’s what’s got me so damn excited for this year!

The people I’m working with have such a range of backgrounds, nationalities, ages, skills and jobs. I’m traveling with teachers, construction managers, accountants, lawyers, marketing consultants, graphic designers, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, cgi designers, demolitions managers, elearning providers, government consultants, AV design salespeople and so many more.

These people are so varied and diverse, but what they all have in common is a passion for adventure, exploration and having the freedom to lead an awesome life!

I really am so excited to have the privilege of sharing the next year with all of these amazing people, and I know this adventure is going to be a million times more special because of it.

What’s the longest period of time you’ve had “all the fun” for, and how long did it feel like it lasted? Know any awesome things to do in the cities I’m visiting?

Let me know!

Yeah! Good job.

Yo, I’m Connor!

I’m a smart person. I don’t do smart things.

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