Don’t Starve the Nerd Brain

Wine Fueled Adventures & Romance in Portugal

Originally posted October 2017.

Portugal, my home for the third month of my new digital nomad life, has been an awesome experience! Drinking too much. Working too much. Business diversification. Racism and assault. Epic adventures fueling a nerd brain explosion. Crazy month.

Is this a long ass post?


Am I trying to write it 1–2 months after the fact and so might much of it be fictional?

Also, possible.

Will it make you laugh?

Irrelevant. It makes me laugh and it’s my blog.

So, after too much fun before leaving Budapest, I’m back into work mode in Lisbon.


Go to a cute cafe to blast out some work for a few hours. Before heading over to WiP, our work space for the month to check out the city preview.

The preview is when the local team at the work space run us through everything they recommend we check out. Sites, food, bars, activities. All the fun stuff.

The local team seems awesome.

I, quite enjoying a complete lack of preparation for everything non-work related, forget to save a pin for our apartment.

After the preview, I spend 45 minutes wondering up and down what I’m sure is our street. Checking and trying all doors with a weird split key like ours, like some lunatic.

Friends eventually turn up and show me where we actually live.

I’m not even on the right side of the road…


Up early and in manic work mode.

Ariela and I march up Lisbon’s never ending hills to “A Cevicheria”. This tiny Peruvian joint, serves ceviche, beef tartar tacos and a surf and turf sandwich that




Mmmm! Ooo, even thinking about it is making me salivate…

Anyway, the food in Lisbon is the shit. I decide I’ll be back at this place to clean out the entire menu.

My mentor reminds me that I’m quite good at getting social traffic. He suggests I should diversify to offer coaching and consulting.

I diversify to offer coaching and consulting.

I spend the rest of the day diving through the operating processes I’ve given my virtual assistant to see how easy they’d be to scale for clients.


I’ve known since the first week of doing this travel that a large amount of the people I’m traveling with want to start their own businesses. I decide I should just launch a class for it!

If people follow it and start making money — amazing! If they don’t, I’ll have a full course recorded which I can sell myself.

Either way I win.

This is always my favorite kind of gamble.

First month of classes covers Instagram and 25+ people turn up! 🎉

For dinner I head out with Mel, Kathy and Joe for Portuguese food in some spectacular, Arabic style hotel.

Again, the food here is dope.

Still being in maniac mode, I head back to WiP and smash out work for a few hours more, accompanied by some green wine.

Kiwi and I, who are regularly the first in and last out of work, hit up a kebab joint, which again, is too tasty, and have a fun business chat.


Find a gym for the first time that is actually well equipped, apart from a lack of 20kg bumpers.

I make do..

John, Joe and I go to A Cevicharia, I eat everything that isn’t on the taster menu (need an excuse to come at least once more…)


It’s so damn tasty.

A running theme for this month is the food here is so freaking good, I couldn’t decide between dishes. I often ended up eating two or more mains for variety. This was also expensive…

I head back to work late and go over to Taryn’s house to pretend to write blog posts. In honesty, just to drink wine, catch up and receive next-level back scratches 😍


I get up early for Taryn’s Yoga class on the roof of WiP.

Feel so zen after.

Work like a maniac, again.

I then head to 4 Caravelas, an adorable little bar on Pink St., the party road in Lisbon, for a cocktail making class.

We compete with each other to speed make, and drink, about 10–15 cocktails.

I off course, must DESTROY ALL COMPETITION, as revealed by my concentration face..

When you’re so competitive that victory appears to come at the cost of a small stroke…

The cocktails are ludicrously tasty, the owners are lovely, AND we get two for one before 11.

I’ll be back here a lot…

After getting a little loosey goosey on some cocktails, we all head to a few more bars on Pink St.

Kara’s niece and friend, Rachael and Shar are over to visit.

Rachael, is really cute 😏

We drink some more before deciding to find a club along the water to go to.

Seems to only be Rachael and I by the time we arrive at the club, so we head in regardless and dance away for a few hours.

We head home along the water and Rachael decides to go and dip her feet in the river.

This was a mistake.

Unbeknownst to us, the stones down to the water are slippery AS FUCK.

About four meters from the actual water, Rachael’s feet literally launch from beneath her. She hits the deck before rapidly sliding up to her chest in the city river water.

“Holy shit”

I yell before attempting to save her.

This too, was a mistake.

Unsurprisingly, the rocks are still just as slick for me as they are for her. I also go down before sliding in to the syphilis water up to my waist.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

It’s 5am.

We’re drunk.

Soaking wet.

And covered in river sludge.

It’s hilarious to the point of making my face ache 😅


Decide (via way of hangover), that I should have a chill day.

Me and Rachael grab some food in Time Out market, a giant food hall with every food you could want. Mexican, Portuguese, French, Thai, all the food.

I can’t decide between Vietnamese spring rolls or Thai massaman curry.

I get both.

They’re both bomb!

We finish that and just start wondering the streets and chatting. Through tiny alleys, up and up hills, past beautiful hidden churches and up to gorgeous views across the entire city.

If you’re in Lisbon, suck it up and climb the hills. The vista’s are SO worth it!

@rachelyancey — different Rachel..

Hours fly by. It’s loads of fun.

We Uber back and I head off for a nap.

After recharging, I sit and chat to Pino for a bit before heading to Time Out again with her to meet Remy, Kiwi and Milana.

I can’t decide between tuna tartar or beef tartar.

I get both.

They’re both bomb!

I head out to Pink St. to grab a drink or two (or three or four….) for Adi’s Birthday.

Somehow, we’re going to a club again. I suggest Urban beach after it seeming fun last night.

This was a mistake.

Short version, we turn up and are viciously assaulted by the racist thugs on the door with zero provocation.

Long version here: When Assault, Robbery and Destruction of Property are Perfectly Legal. Mad Dogs in Lisbon.


So I’m pretty exhausted after the last few days and try to nap.

Apparently I’m suffering with some post traumatic rage, so that doesn’t happen.

Go to WiP, smash coffee, smash angry music, smash work.

Duffs drops in for a catch up / to check I’m okay which is very sweet.

I head back to my flat late and loads of friends are over. We drink wine and catch up and it’s all adorable.

Jake, drunk on ambition, decides to construct this monstrously impressive fort in under 30 minutes.

You can’t see the palace suite and jacuzzi from this angle…


I wake up feeling good.

I get in the shower aaaaand I’m angry again, 😑

The sea is my happy place, so a group of about 10 of us head to the Oceanarium.

Walking in we pass a very friendly looking member of security. My stomach turns.

(This is something I mention more in the above post about Friday’s incident. The PTS that followed the event for a week or two was really irritating.

It pissed me off that an act that took 10 minutes for those scumbags had to stick with me for all that time.)

Anyway, the Oceanarium is wonderful. Ooof, it’s so relaxing and beautiful seeing the fish floating around. Seeing the light shimmering through the water. Gives me shivers.

Amusingly, as we walk around I notice that it’s just me, John and Mel.

We, being massive fucking nerds, take twice as long to get around the place as everyone else. We’re too busy running around like children, gawping at every little sea critter, talking about super interesting science shit 🤓

Left @j.m.eubank, Right two @mdoesthings

We finally catch up to the others who have been waiting at the exit. We grab a Gondela lift over the bay to a tasty little Chinese spot.

I can’t decide what to eat. So I EAT EVERYTHING.

The dim sum and bao are magical.

We head back and most of the crew head on a walking tour.

I go to bed on my face, HARD.

I wake up a puddle of drool and Kib comes over as he wants some company and to talk out Friday night.

We hang for an hour and I bounce out to chill with Rachael.

I’m pleased to hear that the walking tour everyone went on was basically the same tour we wondered on ourselves a couple of days prior.

Don’t need no guide 😎

We drink wine and chat into the early hours. She tells me some story about a corpse bride from a church they’d found on the tour. It sounds like real life Game of Thrones and I’m skeptical of it’s historical accuracy..

But she tells it in a hilarious, excited way so I’m enthralled. I’m reminded that hanging out with her is so funny it makes my face hurt.

She’s heading back to America on Tuesday, and I’m pretty sure I have a massive crush on her.



Back on that work hype. Grab my first consulting client! I start pulling together the info to turn them into an Instagram baller.

I head to Amelia’s to watch Game of Thrones with everyone. 😱 That dragon fight though…

Take a walk through a cute little park with Rachael and we grab some wine back at mine. Loads a fun.


Wake up 10.40. Realize I have a cooking class at 11 😑

Run over to Time Out just in time to cook up some delicious salt cod dishes.

We make some beautiful not-bruschetta, and some gorgeous not-risotto.

Those dishes are from Italy and we’re in Portugal.

I eat, I nap (system works..), I work out, run a second Instagram Internet Money session and head out for Rachael’s last night.

It’s sad to see her leave, but it was very fun. Swings and roundabouts hey.

@specifically.random, definitely not risotto, or bruschetta..


Errrr….. Wednesday… What does anyone do on a Wednesday?

I believe I spent the day training up Michelle to do some Instagram account management, and worked a lot. Think I booked a couple of clients for Pinterest coaching. And likely napped.

That sounds like a day I would do…


Another crazy work day (Lisbon seemed to take work and play to the extreme). Put in about 13 hours til 10pm, then head out to meet friends on the water for cocktails.

Stop at Amelia’s for a catch up and to generally dump all my thoughts and emotions out to her to chat through them.

I’m Watson..


Smash the gym. Smash the work. Go to grab food and pass Jake on the way out.

He reminds me that we need Visa photos and application forms for Vietnam next month…. So I go on a mission across the city to find a photo booth with him.

We grab tasty Italian pizza bread sandwich things….

I can’t decide between the pesto & mozzarella, and the prosciutto one.

I get both.

Worth ittt…

I walk 90% of the way back to WiP, down all the hills, before realizing I’m hairy.

So I walk back up all the hills in search of the best barbers.

Tucked away through an unassuming, graffiti filled alley, out onto a tiny courtyard is an awesome little barbershop. Belarmino.

I go in and am greeted with a cold beer and hard rock. Sleeve tattooed, pointy mustached guys are both giving and receiving haircuts.

You have my attention.

So anyway I sit down and grab likely the best haircut of my life from Miguel, the owner. I grab recommendations on all the best bars and food places to check out. The most interesting of which is “Red Frog”. A hidden speak easy that does some of the best rated cocktails in the World…

I stay up working til some time after 11. Amelia then comes over for a catch up and to generally dump all her thoughts and emotions out to me to chat through them.

We have a system 😄


I take a boat trip to some gorgeous hidden beaches. This is the first time I’ve left Lisbon this month, so this is something I really need!

We sail past gorgeous, towering cliffs made from layer upon layer of stone. The sun is shining, the sea is glistening.

It looks so damn inviting.

We stop off at a beach only reachable via a long hike, and flanked by enormous cliffs. It looks gorgeous.

Johnathan jumps off the boat into the shimmering sea. Before he surfaces, I take a dive from the top deck straight into the beautiful,



So innocent, so unaware….. (

Altantic. Fucking. Ocean.

“Faaaaaaakkk this is cold”

Runs through my head as I plunge deeper and deeper from the enthusiasm of my dive.

At the same time, my balls jump rapidly to my throat, 😑

I then have the pleasure of swimming for 10 minutes (an eternity) to the shore.

Anyway, the beach is breathtaking. Made more so by the beach’s “entry fee”. The 20 minute hike required to get there for those without a boat! This means that many of those on the beach are athletic, bikini clad women.


After this, Kib, Isaac, Pino, Beth, Dario and I head out for illegal Chinese food . Unsurprisingly, this is in an illegal Chinese “restaurant”.

This has us ringing a doorbell on a random apartment. Walking into some sketchy building. Through a kitchen and into a converted dining area.

The food was insane. And luckily, I didn’t have to make any choices on what I ate as it was dirt cheap, cash in hand Chinese food.

Amusingly enough, our next stop also has us ringing some random, unassuming doorbell. We head to Red Frog, as recommended by Miguel.

He wasn’t wrong.

I have without a doubt the two (couldn’t pick one..) most exquisite cocktails I’ve ever experienced!

Flavors that have no business off a plate, blend into a refreshing sour symphony in my mouth. If you’re in Lisbon, put Red Frog on your list.

We finish up the night in Bairro Alto, bumping into more of our RY crew. Laura and Michelle are a tiny bit drunk… So we decide 3am is a good enough time to finish up the night and take them home.


Well it appears I’ve completely exhausted my social points.

The man period begins, so I blanket hate everyone. I decide most of my Sunday is best spent smashing out some work alone in WiP.

I work up an appetite and decide I can be social, if it’s for a short time and there’s food involved..

We hit a Peruvian place and like everything else culinary in Lisbon, it’s fucking bomb.

I can’t pick what to eat so I double up my mains. Causa and ceviche 😋

With that done I dash off to hermit by myself again. Easy.


Still socially exhausted. Buckle in for another crazy work day, taking a break for the gym (important to keep me from getting too grumpy).

Head over to Amelia’s for group Game of Thrones. After, everyone heads upstairs for a group chat about the arseholes at Urban Beach. We also cover several other accounts of racism we’d encountered in Lisbon.

Love when we get together for these chats (even when I’m grumpy and hate everyone). Just feels awesome to go deeper and get stuff out that doesn’t come up in general chit chat.

PR shitstorm agreed upon. Responsibilities divided. Awesome meeting.


Pretty standard day. Lots of work. Run the business class, wrapping up the last of the know how on Instagram.

Have a webinar to give to Dan Meredith’s private Facebook group. “Going from 0–15,000 daily visitors from Pinterest in 6 months”. Feed oddly nervous, so start on the wine a little before.

Goes down a storm (as does the webinar 😏).

Also, writing this blog I’m becoming aware of just how much I drank whilst in Lisbon…

RIP liver.

Ashe has let me know he’s dropping out of RY a few days prior, so I go out for catch up drinks with him before he leaves.

By this time I’m already a bottle down, and that dude likes to go hard.

By time time we’re done and go to meet everyone at 4 Caravelas (as always), I’m spangled.

Not me…

Something that Melissa points out to me 😑

So I decide to try wrangle back any responsible adult points I can, and get some of the fam to take me home.


Again, what does anyone do on a Wednesday….

I’m going to assume based on the last nights antics that I slept most of the day..

Pretty sure this evening I hit the gym. Then Pino and I ordered a quantity of Tacos so ambitious, we request it three times before we’re taken seriously.

Yep, that’s only the first layer of Mexican delights you can see.


Still searching for something to snap me out of my funk, I go to an event dubbed “Happiness Club”.

Sounds like it should do the job, right?

It’s a series of group exercises intended to foster deeper connection and emotional openness. Love this shit.

We talk about times we’ve struggled and challenges we’ve had etc.

For me, the most fulfilling part is pinning blank notes on each others backs. We then go around and write nice things we think about each other, anonymously, on said notes.

Something I’ve struggled with in the past is putting in the effort to give friends quality time. I’m sure this is due to a variety of factors, but a big one is I’ve spent the vast majority of my adult life (9 years since age 14) in relationships.

This can lead to is giving your focus to one person and neglecting giving time to others. Even if that’s only checking in with them for lunch or with a phone call every week or so.

This has been a problem in my past that’s bothered me. I’ve made it a large priority whilst globe trotting to really give time to people, to help them, to connect with them. To just be there to support them if needed.

So circling back to the “Happiness Club”, I feel the notes that I received reflected this, which is awesome.

“You are kind and open and accepting of everyone. “

“So compassionate, incredibly thoughtful and generous with your heart and your time. “

#feelserbeam #feelsplosion ? 😍 😍 😍

I give zero fucks what other people think of me — i.e. I’m not going to bend who I am to appease others. But, when I get feedback that I’m coming across as the version of me that I want to be, it’s a pretty awesome feeling.

So, that fixed my funk right?


Still don’t want to be around people.


So I go chill at home and work from there.


Wake up feeling good!

Get to work.

Feel shit 😩

Right, fuck this.

When it turns out that what seems like social exhaustion is actually, my monthly depressive “man period”, there’s often an easy fix. I write out every problem that may be bothering me.

I then write out the potential solutions to all those problems.

I also write out what I was doing one year ago, two years ago, three years ago.

Guess what?

Turns out life’s fucking great, and that almost all these potential problems, aren’t problems.

The only one that is; that I’d only briefly left Lisbon once in my time there, is simple to solve ! Get out of Lisbon to find some adventure!

Like magic, almost all my grump dissipates. Isn’t the brain a stupid, wondrous thing.

I work like a productive little unicorn for the rest of the day 🦄


My source of adventure?

Pino and I grab a Panda to road trip down the picturesque Portuguese coast to Lagos in the Algarve region. Her take on our adventure is here.

Immediately I’m back. My brain is on fire and I feel like myself again.

Energy and ambition fill my body.

All at once I’m terrible car company as my nerd brain fills my head with obscure rabbit holes of thought.

Amusingly, Pino, who refers to the work music I listen to as “death metal”, has a phone full of all the same artists.

Avenged, FFDP, Three Day’s Grace, Stone Sour etc.

I find that time and time again, chilling with someone, swapping through the genres and artists you enjoy, is an awesome way to bond 🙃

We off-road to a secluded beach that look as if it formed before life slithered from the seas.

We snake and twist through lush forests full of twisted, gnarled trunks.

We climb down a rocky trail to a beach flanked by mighty black cliffs, cut through with branched granite lightning.

Nerd brain pleased.

We pull up to a quaint little town and go hunting for food.

I grab some delicious charcoal grilled squid.

Pino, being a bloody yank, confuses ounces and grams.

Orders a kilo of prawns.


Oh no….. now I need to eat double portions…. again.. 🙄

Mel, Arrestia and Annelise are also taking a road trip today. We head down to another majestic beach to wait for them for a while.

I lie down for a second…

*Some unknown period of time passes*

As I grumble to life, pulling my face from the puddle of drool that’s appeared, I gaze up at Pino standing next to me.

“Urghh, how long have we been here?”

“Just over an hour!”


FYI, an hour+ is not a good time to lie topless in the Portuguese summer sun, not moving at all.

As I roll over my back feels like someone’s poured hot oil on me.

I realize I’m now stuck with the most defined, burned back / white arse separation line, anyone’s ever experienced…


Anyway, apparently whilst I’ve been sleeping on my face, the other girls have driven by and are now on their way to Lagos.

I guess we should do the same!

We continue our journey south. Stop off at a couple more arresting beaches. Then arrive at our hotel outside Lagos.

I guess we should do the same!

We continue our journey south, stop off at a couple more arresting beaches, before arriving at our hotel outside Lagos.

After a day in the car, I figure I should do some work for a bit. Pino heads to the bar to grab some food.

The whole of 15 minutes passes before:

“They have truffle risotto at this restaurant! Should I order you some?!”


This chick knows how to get my attention….

So I head down, smash that (it’s amazing!), and start on a little white wine.

We grab another one or two at the bar. Chat to a local expat family and note down the names of 6–7 fun places to check out in Lagos.

We go to each of them.

We drink in each of them.

We get, really, realllly, krunk.

We grab a taxi home.

Oh, except there are no taxis in the entirety of Lagos. So we walk.

And we keep walking, and walking.

And now we have no idea where we are or where our hotel is.

So, Pino, being a bloody yank, has the CIA on speed dial. She calls up someone clearly important, in an inebriated huff.

15 minutes later a car turns up, grabs us and gets us home.


Ready to continue adventuring!

We head down to the pool to chill in the sun.

I start to melt.

It was 100% this bad, especially the bit at the end…

Perhaps we should grab breakfast and play that “hair of the dog” game?

I realize they have full English breakfasts and can’t resist!


perfect hangover food,



Yep, I’ll not be doing anything for a few hours.

I head up to the room and pass out.

I wake up in time for Pino and the Panda to turn up. We head out to some tiny little village in the hills of Portugal to “Pizza Pazza”. It apparently serves the best Pizza in Portugal.

I’m not convinced this statement is broad enough.

We stop in a silent town, with sweeping views across an uninhabited valley and enjoy perhaps the tastiest pizzas of my life.

The scenery, the food, the company. All come together into something truly magical.


After this we head over to Sagres to watch the sunset.

We walk out along the top of a towering red cliff, overlooking sheltered bay beaches.

The crimson rocks and strange, tall, spindled flora transport me to an alien world. Darwin IV if anyone is curious about which world in particular…. 🤓

We walk further out towards the edge of this massive cliff before getting as comfy as one can on a sofa of boulders. We settle down to watch the sunset.

The surface of the sea below dances like a silk sheet against the banded indigo and red sky.

At the same time this is erupting into my nerd brain, I forward it on to Pino.

I think she’s enjoying my odd commentary.

Perhaps she’s being polite….

In any case, I’m enjoying my company 😆

Left from @mdoesthings, middle from Wayne Barlowe, right from @specifically.random


We’re mesmerized by the sunset before driving over to Sagres town. We’re going to grab wine and meet the other girls for a bit before heading back to the hotel.

This doesn’t happen.

Almost as soon as we walk through the door, Annelise uses her hawk eyes to spot the wine. This is swiftly opened and distributed.

We drink, we chat, we decide we should go out to bars. Yaaaay….. this is exactly how I’d planned my Sunday evening….

Whilst this is happening, I notice that not only is Annelise smart and very cute, she’s also funny and loves adventure.

Ticking all them boxes.


Anyway, we head out, we drink cocktails and pale ale, we chat, we laugh. Arrestia gets a little drunk and chases some unknowing guy around. Pino and I drive home.

All, good, fun.


To wrap up our adventure trip, we head over to the most beautiful hidden beach. Pino had found this whilst I was dying in bed the day before…

We park up and hike for 20 minutes through a lush valley. Ducking through thick Mediterranean trees, and crossing a stream before the valley opens to a magical, hidden beach.

We scale the cliffs to the left of the beach. Climb up to an ancient ruin for a vantage over the expansive coastline.

Spotting a hidden alcove past the beach, we dash down the cliffs. We wade through crashing waves and arrive at alone at our own little spot.

Alone with a naked elderly Portuguese couple, that is..

So, when in Rome!


We arrive back in Lisbon in time for Game of Thrones. After which I chill with Amelia and Dina, watching some movie with Will Farrell and Kevin Hart.

Game of Thrones was insane!

Kevin and Will were not.


After so much adventure, today is a work day!

Finish up the Instagram Internet money classes.

Train Michelle some more.

Grab a coaching client.

Crush it in the gym.

Solid day.

In the evening our group is running an event called “The Moth”. You get up on stage and tell a story people don’t know about you — simple.

I often vomit every story from my past at anyone at all I meet. So as Pino wasn’t at this event, I decide my easiest options is to tell a story I’ve had no chance to share yet; my nerd brain this weekend.

I get a little excited, and maybe a little drunk…


Easy day! Get some work done. Do a coaching call. Grab Lunch with Laura.

Laura’s already running a baller social media agency, and is awesome at strategy and management.

Two things I despise.

She’s interested in partnering up.

I get to experiment and come up with cutting edge marketing strategies. Build a personal brand. Create fun content.

Laura onboards clients. Creates a next level social strategy with them. Trains Virtual Assistants to scale those marketing systems to blow up their businesses.

Everyone gets to do what they’re good at and enjoy!

Still in crazy work mode after my adventure weekend.

Pause work for long enough to ask Annelise out for drinks the next night.

She says yes 😏


Another day in paradise, working.

That evening I head to the Farewell Junction — a final party we throw in each city we visit.

It’s at some dope art exhibit and everyone’s here! It’s awesome to have these events to wrap up a city. Lots of our group are often busy or away exploring throughout the month, so to get everyone together can be quite rare!

It’s so worth it though. Really makes an event special.

I was late… so not even in this picture…

Everyone heads to 4 Caravelas. I start on the pints of Margarita. There are less wise things one could drink, I assume…

I chill there for a bit and then grab Annelise and a bottle (or two) of green wine for a wonderful (my words) riverside date.

Some may argue that drinking two bottles of wine on top of a full night is too much..

I would argue it can lead to half a night of hilarity.

The other half?

I have no idea, drank too much wine.


The final day! I’m pretty dead but hang with Annelise for a bit, before I grab an ambitious amount of MacDonalds.

Unsurprisingly, this puts me right to sleep…

Strong final day.

I wake up to keep track of general work tasks and then a load of friends come over and we chill in my lounge.

Hang out with Annelise after. Awesome way to wrap up my time in Lisbon before 20+ hours of flights to Dubai and Hanoi the next morning!

What did I learn from this month?

Firstly, that I drank A LOT! Holy hell. The drinking is less of a problem than the half to whole day of dead I get after doing so.

As I mentioned at the start, I’m writing this up from Thailand, 1–2 months after the fact. Just seeing this frequency of drinking has made me drastically cut my intake for the last two weeks.

Drinking can be a useful tool for open conversation, approaching people you like the look of, and general silliness. It can also be self destructive. Eating into time that you need to spend working, if you’re to continue traveling the world and having fun.

So yeah, action point 1: Be less dumb with alcohol.

The second big thing I realized was I’d much prefer to fancy someone than just have one off hook ups.

Even considering:

  1. I’m travelling the world for at least the next 7–8 months and have zero intention of getting in a relationship.
  2. It pretty miserable to like someone and then have one of you leave.

I think the enjoyment of having silly fun adventures with someone you fancy, is easily worth something that “isn’t going anywhere”.

If it wasn’t so enjoyable, it wouldn’t suck so much when it stops.

So my thoughts are: Just have fun, enjoy it, live in the moment. When the moment passes, be a fucking grown up, you can’t have everything you want all the time. Dealing with negative emotions is healthy practice.

So action point 2: Live in the moment — have fun with people you like whilst you can.

Final big point — I learned that I need to schedule in adventure or it will drive me nuts. Adventuring is something that really sets my brain alight, and if I ignore that impulse for long enough I will just feel trapped and miserable.

So making an effort to get my adventure out of the way earlier in my month should give my mental energy a big boost!

Action point 3: You love adventure — so schedule it in early.

This post was long AF, if you made it to the end, you’re amazing!

Let me know what you thought! What have been your biggest struggles whilst traveling?

For your effort:

Yo, I’m Connor!

I’m a smart person. I don’t do smart things.

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Don’t Starve the Nerd Brain: Wine Fueled Adventures & Romance in Portugal

Don’t Starve the Nerd Brain Wine Fueled Adventures & Romance in Portugal Originally posted October 2017. Portugal, my home for the third month of my new digital nomad life, has been an awesome experience! Drinking too much. Working too much....

When Assault, Robbery and Destruction of Property are Perfectly Legal

When Assault, Robbery and Destruction of Property are Perfectly Legal Mad Dogs in Lisbon Originally posted August 2017. UPDATE: Awesome news! Turns out this club was shut down, and several security members arrested after this story and another...

Life as a Traveling Entrepreneur isn’t All Unicorns and Rainbows

  Life as a Traveling Entrepreneur isn’t All Unicorns and Rainbows But Mostly it is! Originally posted August 2017. It’s been a little while since I’ve got a post out so apologies for this one being so long! I’ve somehow managed to write way...

3 Biggest Lessons from Gaining 250,000 Instagram Followers in 10 months

  250,000 Instagram Followers in 10 months My 3 Biggest Lessons and the Fun it’s Allowed Me. Need to celebrate wins more soooooo; I’ve just passed 250,000 Instagram followers in 10 months! Woo. Go me… I’m going to give you my biggest 3...