9 Steps to Go From 0–10,000 DAILY Website Visitors from Pinterest in Under 6 Months

Despite What You’ve Been Told, This Ain’t Yo Momma’s Social Media Platform…

Originally published January 2018.

At the start of 2017 I was just like you. I too thought that Pinterest was nothing but hordes of mums.

I was lost.


Completely. Fucking. Wrong.

Pinterest is a traffic beast, and may be a smarter investment of your time than more popular platforms (hint, Instagram, hint).

Want to start Pinterest pimpin?

Let’s set the scene with a little story..

It’s the start of a wonderful new year. Whilst using IFTTT, I noticed they have a “Repost from Instagram to Pinterest” automation.

I set up a simple profile and just let it auto post out.

See what happens.

[Spoiler alert]

Sweet fuck all. For months.

Several months later…

After a large expanse of nothingness, I notice a traffic spike that catches my attention..


Turns out, good Instagram content is also good Pinterest content (I’m now confident that this can be extended to any visual platform).

I make my profile look better, create 10–15 varied boards, and start posting tens of daily posts across those boards.

Working, but not for me..

I notice that some content I’m reposting is gaining repins, but the majority is getting little to none.

Also, the pins that are gaining traction, are only going to be sending traffic to the external sites that they link to.

I think I need more followers to seed out the content. That way I can determine which type of content does well more quickly.

I start using some engagement automation to follow, like content and unfollow the accounts of my competition’s followers.


I notice 10–15 of the repins I’ve done are getting shared 10,000+ times… Interesting..

I decide to make my own versions, and direct them at my own website and blog content, and then..



And then…




The shares keep on climbing, as does the traffic those pins are sending to my website.

Some peak at over 1,000 unique hits A DAY.

I know I know, it sounds really sweet, right?

But don’t worry, I know there’s one burning question on your mind…

“Mmmm, sounds impressive, but I think I’ll just keep bashing my head against a wall with Instagram. Could you talk about that instead?”

Look, I’m known for being good at both Instagram and Pinterest.

I’m acutely aware that Instagram is all that everybody cares about with regards to visual marketing.

I get asked about it far more often.

But you know what?

Everybody might be dumb.

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram’s traffic is GOLD. It really does convert very well for (mostly) cold traffic.

But, it’s now a nightmare to do well at Instagram without investing serious time and or cash.

It can give the best results.

But not for you.

Because you’re a business owner with a million and one tasks and projects to juggle in order to make your baby a success.

You got no time.

You got no money.

You need marketing with maximum bang for your buck!

What do I know about Instagram? I grew my business’ account from 0–250,000 followers in 10 months.

Sounds awesome right?

It was, but Instagram has a massive problem at the moment.

You only really get website clicks based on new followers.

To reliably add new followers, you need not only post effective, regular content, but you need to keep on top of every new feature in order to remain in the algorithm’s good graces.

That doesn’t mean that Instagram can’t work. I have lots of friends having success with it, and running large Instagram marketing groups.

Vivien and Tasha have an awesome group — Instagram Growth and Engagement. It’s more branding focused.

Jeannette , Daniel & Len have a great one as well — Dream Team Instagram Secrets. It’s more growth hack focused.

So if you insist on Instagram, check them out.

It can work. I just think you’re unlikely to have an easy win with it.

Instagram’s biggest business issue is that you can’t currently share content on it.

The lack of shareability means that your existing audience is only so powerful. Again, the majority of website clicks comes from new followers.

Yes, they will engage with your content, which helps it get in front of more new potential followers — meaning your audience GENERALLY grows at an accelerating rate, but they can’t propagate your content .

Once content is posted, it will be useful to you for maybe 3–7 days.

If Instagram content could be shared, then your followers could seed out content you create.

This would make having more followers, more useful, as they’re essentially posting your content to all of their followers. It would also give your content a MUCH longer lifetime.

So, which platform has the best potential for shared content…..?

You guessed it 😉

Pinterest is absolutely insane for content sharing.

With just 500 relevant followers, you can have your content become one of the most repinned in your niche (if you’re smart with your content creation).

Not only is this great for reach, but as each pin can link back to your website, one super successful pin can generate hundreds of clicks a day, for months and months.

If you think you could get results from Instagram, you 100% can get results from Pinterest.

Here are the 9 steps you need to follow to get a tsunami of traffic from Pinterst:

1. Change your mindset about Pinterest

  • It’s the 2nd biggest referrer of traffic online (after Facebook).
  • It’s not just full of mums — you’re audience is there, and no one is effectively marketing to them.

2. Do your research

Use Pinterest’s search to:

  • Find keywords in your niche.
  • Find influencer accounts with 5,000+ followers.
  • Find board name inspiration from the influencers.

3. Build your profile

  • Fill your account name and description with keywords relevant to your niche.
  • Create 10–20 boards in your niche. Get granular. Use the influencer accounts you researched for inspiration.
  • Fill your board descriptions with relevant keywords.
  • Create a covers for each board.

4. Repost A LOT to find the best content

Pinterest use to give repin counts on all content, so it was easy to see what the best performing content was.

Today is different. Now you need to repin lots of content in order to see what bubbles to the top.

  • Use post 50–100 posts across your boards DAILY.
  • Look at the influencer accounts you identified and schedule any pins you see them reposting often.
  • Schedule pins that the search returns near the top of the results for your keywords.

5. Engagement automation

With no followers, no one is getting alerts when you repost all of this content, and so no one is sharing it.

You need to hit about 500 followers to start getting good repin counts.

  • Follow the followers of your identified influencers (start unfollowing them once you’re following ~10,000 people)

6. Content seeding with group boards

Group boards are boards that you can request to contribute to.

Joining them means you can repin content to an existing audience. This can greatly increase your follower growth and greatly shorten the time it takes to identify which pin style is the most shareable.

  • Find group boards in your niche and follow the boards steps to become a contributor. This may be email, commenting on a specific post, sending them a DM etc.
  • See if your influencers are part of group boards, its a good place to start.

7. Identify content that resonates

Now comes the waiting game. Sometimes this may take a week or two, sometimes it could take a few months.

It’s a case of viral natural selection — you need to figure out what works the best, the more followers you can gain, the faster this should work.

  • Look at which pins are getting the most traction, being shared the most.
  • Repost those pins more, and schedule more that are of a similar style.
  • Stop reposting the content that is performing the worst.

8. Run with the winners

Whist you’re repinning, you’re just sharing other peoples content. Generating traffic for them.

The next step is to create your own pins and direct them to your website.

  • Wait until 5–10 of your repins, have been repinned over 1,000 times.
  • Create your own versions of these pins with corresponding blog posts.
  • Enable rich pins to pull your blog post titles to display with your pins — this will make them perform better.

9. Create a blog post system

Once you’ve had a few of your own pins reach 10,000+ repins, it’s time to create a system.

  • Find a type of blog post you can easily whip up in 30–90 minutes that suits the type of pin you’ve identified as high performing: recipes, listicles, workouts, quizez etc.
  • Alternatively — if you have a strong enough profit engine from your website, pay people to write unique content. Point is, you want lots of content relevant to the pin style, and you want it fast.
  • Churn out 50+ of these blog posts and pin combos.
  • Profit!

Make sure to constantly analyse the similarities between your top performing pins:

What words in blog post titles are performing the best?

What structure of post title?

What imagery style is performing best on the pins?

What colours are performing the best?

What you’ll likely find is that pins that reflect fixing the fears, relieving the pains, or enabling the desires of your audience will perform the best.

So make sure you understand your audience, it will only hasten your success!

That’s it!

You’ll be amazed at how much traffic you can start to pull from Pinterest once you run through this strategy.

It takes a while to gather the data, but once you know what works and start directing pins to your own site, you’ll start hitting 1,000+ clicks daily before you know it, and it’s not difficult to maintain this!

Post August dip is because I created zero new pins for 3–4 months when I started traveling 😅

Yo, I’m Connor!

I’m a smart person. I don’t do smart things.

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